February 2

Black History Facts App in iTunes Top 100 Entertainment Downloads!


[Update] The Black History Facts app is now ranked #93 in the iTunes App Store Entertainment Section.

I’m extremely proud to announce that the Black History Facts app app has reached #95 in the iTunes App Store Entertainment section for paid apps! I awoke this morning and following my normal routine of checking my iTunes App Store stats I was staggered by the amount of sales reported. I checked the app rankings and was floored to see that the app had moved from #386 to #106. While writing and email to my family announcing this success the app moved from #104 to #101, and by the end of writing the email had moved to #95 in the rankings for total downloads.

I am even more motivated than before to concentrate of making a great 2nd version of the app and enhancing its features. I’ve learned a lot about Black History by creating this app, and I’m looking forward to learning more in the future.

If you haven’t gotten the Black History Facts app yet you can download it on the iTunes App Store right now.


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